NEMO Default IP Address

Nemo is preconfigured to use DHCP to assign the IP Address.

How’s can one modify it to use a static IP address when no router is being used?

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By default, the Nemo Gateway will use DHCP when possible and will fall back to Auto-IP otherwise. This makes it possible to use it without assigning a static IP address with any device that supports Auto-IP (including Windows PCs).

You can use the Nemo Gateway app, Coastal Explorer, or Rose Point ECS to switch to a static IP address. For Coastal Explorer and Rose Point ECS, open “Settings > Electronics > (your gateway) > Gateway Settings”. For the app just select your gateway from the list. One you’re on the configuration page choose “System Settings > IP Address > Edit”.


Thank you for your kind reply to my question, providing needed info after-hours.

Rosepoint support is the best…!