No AIS targets appearing on laptop screen

My AIS has been working fine. Last evening i turned on my CE and i get no AIS targets. I have rebooted the computer several times and restarted Coastal explorer to no avail. I am leaving for Mexico from Washington Monday Morning and really want AIS operational. Can anyone make some suggestions. I am in Anacortes Marina.

Please tell use make & model of your AIS unit.

I would first check the breaker and in-line fuse, and verify the unit is powered up. If unit does not show up, I would next verify all the NMEA 2K connections are intact.

My Garmin AIS-600 has an application software that runs on my shipboard PC, I would look to see if you have a similar AIS Setup Software, which lets you tweak the settings. Run that program and see if it “sees” the device (this being upstream of CE 4.0).

It is possible you lost settings (ie; Com Port, Baud Rate, etc.). Try to run the auto scan feature, to see if it finds it. The USB plug may also be unplugged from the PC (another reason the setup software will not find the AIS).

Call the manufacturer and solve that one first, before assuming it is a Costal Explorer problem.

Hope this helps you…


It also helps to know which breaker your various equipment is on. In my case the AIS is on the Autopilot breaker (so AIS powers up every time I turn on my autopilot).

VHF 300 is on a separate breaker, the Instrument breaker powers up my GPS & NMEA2k network (including the RJ45 hub for masthead radar, and the 12v feed to my Wirie Pro 802.11/Cellular device (with built-in router).

Because I have a Fusion radio w/ a sub woofer, I put the entertainment system on an independent breaker (though the subwoofer is hard-wired to a BlueSea ATC Fuse Block, direct to house bank)

Make sure the AIS has power before trying to debug the problem…!