Not able to get past NEMO screen on my IPAD

Finally downloaded the apple app to my IPad. Not sure what I am doing incorrectly. When I open the app it goes to the Nemo Gateway with a message which says “No Devices Discovered on Local Network” and doesn’t allow me to progress further.

Is this perhaps because I don’t have a bluetooth GPS on the local network?

I’m running IOS 14.2

It sounds like you’ve installed our Nemo Gateway configuration app, not Coastal Explorer. Here’s how to get the Coastal Explorer beta: Installing the Coastal Explorer Beta

Precisely. Some place in all this dumb ass comes to mind. That said and given that I am just starting to look around, I’d offer two comments which may have already been offered.

  1. Connecting a new route to an existing in the windows version seems a bit complicated to me. Hopefully in this IOS version it can be as simple as that found in the older version of Nobeltec?

  2. As I explore this IOS version I tend to look in the same places for something where I would find it in the windows version 4. I can certainly get used to both if necessary. As an example, you are alerted that an update is in progress in the windows version by a spinning wheel next to the settings icon.

But heh!!! so very very nice to finally have an IOS version. Thanks

Never mind. The spinning wheel just appeared. That there was a delay probably has to do with initial set up.