Radar overlay on Costal Explorer

Good afternoon,

Has anyone found a good workaround for importing radar signal into CE for the purposes of overlay.

I know that the SITEX RadarPC allows for overlay on CE, but the functionality of that radar is pretty limited. It doesn’t allow for heading and speed input, it doesn’t have ARPA, and from the best I can tell it is only available in 24V.

Has anyone tried inputting ethernet feed from one of the other major radar brands and found a way to overlay it and use ARPA with it.


Sorry, but the Koden MDS-1100R is the only radar system we currently support.

No other brands, major or minor, will work for radar overlay. Any radar that can send ARPA/MARPA sentences over NMEA 0183 will work for that purpose, though.

Is support for any other brands in the works?

We will make an announcement on our website and this forum if and when we add support for other radar brands.

In the meantime (and between thyme) I run RadarScope on my phone to supplement the 25 nm range of my Garmin HD device.

Having recently played with CE on a tablet I can appreciate setting up a Ram Mount at the helm… so the tablet can show web-based radar input, while the chart plotter remains uncluttered by radar overlay.

This will suffice except when navigating harbors in pea soup, when you need to find those pesky targets before hitting them