Rhumb line and boat icon

Just departed on our trip south CT to FL and have an issue with CE that I never had before… the boat icon is being displayed about 15 degrees off from rhumb line… rhumb line is correct for boat heading… just the boat icon is not being displayed correctly… never had this issue before this… any suggestions on how to correct?

thank in advance


I have had that happen when the heading source failed. Check your data stream from whatever you are using for ships heading, maybe reboot that. You can see what CE is using for heading by clicking on the green data status box for heading. If your heading is a N2K device, try disconnecting it and reconnecting it. I had a lowrance heading/GPS hockey puck that used to do this all the time on my skiff, finally replaced it with a Furuno SCX20.

I figured it out… I was getting redundant NMEA sentences from the Raymarine Seatalk network… had both a magnetic and true heading… so the boat icon was being displayed with magnetic heading and the rhumb line was using true heading… corrected to all true heading and the boat icon is now aligned with the rhumb line.

Capt Jay

You did that while single-handed off Cape Hatteras, without an auto-pilot?

I am impressed…. LOL