Updating formerly painfully slow now broken!

Been trying to update charts since updating program yesterday, indicates updating, but never even starts. Let it run over night, nothing.

I had a similar problem with earlier builds.

Found that I needed to Disable my iThing from going to sleep… and be sure the device was plugged in to power it.

Settings, Screen & Brightness, set Auto-Lock to Never. Then retry chart updates…

We all agree that Apple needs to add “Never When Plugged into Power” as an option.

Skipper _/)

Thanks for the suggestion, but auto lock is already set to never.

Are you able to successfully update charts with the latest build? I also don’t see an option to delete earlier downloaded offline charts, was that removed?

Since I’m currently home on a very fast broadband internet connection, I thought I’d download a larger chart area. I’ve tried many times and yet to see a download even begin. The new spinning indicator is all fine and good, but if nothing downloads what’s the point?

I find the silence from Rose Point on this issue concerning given the very limited chart availability at this time. If their not going to actively participate in the beta and prevent us from waiting time, I’m thinking of uninstalling it. While Coastal explorer remains my go to Windows cruise planning solution, we upload the routes to our Raymarine MFD, we use iNavx on the iPad adjacent to MFD to provide another perspective (one zoomed in for hazards, the other out for shipping traffic in the straits). (Brookhouse iMux, NMEA 0183 & 2000, AIS transponder)

Would be nice to reduce the number of different apps that we need to learn, maintain and purchase charts for.

Jim Turner

We are aware that downloading charts does not work well and are working on a solution. I’m very sorry this has been so frustrating for you and many other beta testers. Believe me, it’s frustrating for us too!

Our original plan was to rely on work NOAA has done to prepare this form of ‘tiled’ raster chart so that we didn’t have to build a complete system of converting the original charts into the tiles that are downloaded and serve those tiles ourselves. Unfortunately that isn’t working well for a number of reasons so we’ve had to change our plans.

This is a very large project and it is going to take a lot of time. This is not a matter of improving what we have now in order to make it faster and more reliable (we tried that already). Rather, we need to build a complete system to replace what NOAA has done with something that works better for Coastal Explorer.

This project was our top priority for much of June and July but we ran into some issues with the solution we were pursuing and decided to take a break from it and work on other things for a bit. We are now back on it with some new ideas and hopefully we will have a new system in place soon.