Upgrading hardware, what do I need to get CE running?

I’m ready to retire my current platform (Windows 10, Intel i7, garmin puck, 16gb) and replace it with the new GEEKOM Mini IT13 or Intel NUC13 (small form factor Windows 11 Pro). I use the legacy CE version (because of the navigation and event user interface). My current PC is connected to a Simrad AP27 autopilot via serial port. CE speaks directly to Simrad and no other devices. These new PC’s don’t have serial ports so that will be another hurdle I’ll have to jump at later date.

What hardware changes are needed to continue to use the Garmin puck antenna, or is there a better solution than the Garmin puck? Anything else I should be aware of for this project?


There are lots of USB to Serial Adapters on the market, but many do not yet support Win11.

This model from Startech says it supports ALL windows o/s, and that it is driverless…

Thank you for the info. I’m ready to make the move to a GEEKOM Mini.