Which portable GPS to use with MacPro M3 + Parallels

Running a MacPro M3 (2024) with parallels and Windows 11.
For a charter I want to get a portable GPS - which is recommended?
Thankful for any ideas.

I have a Garmin GLO 2 as a backup to the boat’s hard-wired GPSs. It connects to my laptop via Bluetooth, and recharges using a usb cable.

It works well, but is not quite as precise as the more expensive marine units. Where they will show 0 knots when we are tied up at the dock, the Garmin GLO constantly goes back and forth between 0 knots and saying we are moving .01 knots in one direction or another. Maybe it’s just too sensitive. But it does work with CE.

I have used GlobalSat USB GPS with good results, as a backup to my chart plotter…