Boundary circles, again

I only use boundary circles for anchor alarms and have requested several times for a default setting I could set for my usual rode length and “outside” alarm.
I was always told it would be “on the list”.

Maybe I can get some support from the community here.

Holding my breath…

We added a feature to Coastal Explorer on Windows a few years ago that lets you create a customizable anchor mode/alarm using the Screens browser.

To do that, open the Screens browser, select an unused screen, add a chart panel (or what ever panel(s) you want to appear when anchored), then click Options at the top of the screen. In the window that appears, give this screen a name like “Anchor Alarm” and pick any other options you want. In particular, check “Add a boundary circle alarm at boat’s position” and set the desired radius.

When you’ve anchored, select the Anchor Alarm screen either by using the Screens browser or pressing the number let corresponding to the screen.

“*Add a boundary circle alarm at boat’s position”

Now it’s hidden under the boat and I can’t move it until the tide changes.

Sure you can… When an object is selected, it can be dragged with your mouse, even if something else is “on top” of it (like your boat in this case).

When you enter your anchor mode, the boundary circle is selected, but the position is locked (since it was supposed to stay where you put it). When you start to drag it, you’ll get a message asking if you want to unlock it. After unlocking it, it will still be selected and you can drag it to wherever you want.

With by boat being on top, it’s not obvious what will be “unlocked and moved”

Also, I want the anchor alarm set on the anchor location, not the boat’s.

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Still, I’d rather just hit “new” and click “anchor watch” and put it where I want it with the ability to preset the normal watch radius. I don’t use the screens option at all, ever.
also, while on requested features… I frequently head into a bay or channel and the next day reverse the course to leave using the same waypoints. A right click option on a route that would be very useful would be “right click a route”, select “reverse course and activate” instead of the process of sliding down a menu list twice, once for reverse and another time for activate.
Being able to change an entire routes waypoint change radius is something I have asked for previously as well. I hate to be poopy, but as far as I can tell, development on CE for windows has come to a screeching halt. I bought a copy of TimeZero just to get RADAR overlay after asking for it for CE for at least 3 years to apparently deaf ears. I still like CE’s keyboard shortcuts and the layout better, but I am slowly learning TZ and getting used to it. I absolutely love that fact that CE techs answer the phone, have outstanding customer support for issues, but come on guys, don’t forget about us. These things being asked for (other than RADAR) should be simple to implement.

As a long time Coastal Explorer user I never really looked to CE for anchoring. Doing so would require me to keep a pocket inverter, computer, monitor and BT speaker all powered up for the night. In addition, it was never designed to alert me of a dragging anchor while ashore at a restaurant. CE is an outstanding navigation program and I’m happy to have it get me where I want to go, control my autopilot, handle an AIS feed track the current, sound various alerts and lots of other features.

I have used an outstanding app on my iPhone called “Anchor Drag Alarm” found in the Apple App Store (there are many similar in the google play store). The current draw, while leaving an iPhone plugged in, is not really measurable. Once set up while dropping the hook you can have it send a drag alarm to another phone to alert you of a position change. This will give you some confidence while ashore. It’s an app that totally specializes in anchoring and anchor alarms at very little cost to your battery bank. Unless you are a power boat with a generator running 24/7 - power management is a consideration. It certainly is aboard my sailboat. Hope this suggestion helps.

Thanks for the reply. CE works great for anchor watch on our boat, of course we have 19KWH of LiFePo4 battery for overnight use, our oversized commercial refrigerator is the big power hog, so CE on a PC and a set of speakers is nothing in the great power scheme of things, what does not work is a cell phone GPS based app in our cabin, steel boats and that guy Michael Farraday cause us problems. I have a cell repeater down there so email can get out, but GPS signals are stopped dead. I have been known to take a laptop down to the cabin, connect to our wifi which is tied to the NEMO, and set an anchor watch on that PC so its closer and louder.
Setting up CE to send an email for anchor watch violation would be a nice addition, great idea RCassano. : )

I extract GPS for CE and boat location from my AIS transceiver, works great.
CE is run on a small Windows tablet set on my chart table next to my stateroom, so I can hear the alarm. It is powered by a 5V USB cable.
I set the CE anchor screen on night colors (see pic) to minimize power consumption.

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I’ve always used the MOB button when dropping anchor and just renaming it and changing the symbol from the lifering to an anchor. Doing this drops an activated waypoint exactly where you dropped the anchor. This gives you distance to the waypoint and easily lets you see if you are dragging. Leaving the trackline active is also useful for tracking your drag pattern.